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Dr. Timothy McGrew

Dr. Timothy McGrew is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Philosophy at Western Michigan University, a Senior Research Fellow with, and Director of the Library of Historical Apologetics. A well-published specialist in the theory of knowledge and the history and philosophy of science, Tim has spoken at Oxford, MIT, and other universities as well as many churches and seminaries across the United States and overseas. His talks on the meaning of faith, the rationality of belief in miracles, and the historical reliability of the Gospels are known for respectfully engaging skeptics and for deepening the faith of all Christian believers.

Ten Books That Have Influenced Me

by Timothy McGrew January, 2018 Not too long ago, an online friend asked that I list ten books that have influenced me, and what follows is that list – or rather, one version of it. I have restricted myself to books that are not in the public domain, so this time...

Faith and Reason: an Old Objection

    By Timothy McGrew The American satirist H. L. Mencken once defined faith as “an irrational belief in the occurrence of the improbable.” It is a good laugh line for the freethinking faithful, but Mencken was not prepared to let the matter drop. He goes on to...

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