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An apologetics geek and passionate advocate for the pro-life movement, Beau Langford lives in Michigan with his wife, their son, and their mischievous dog, Angel.

There IS a Right Answer When It Comes to Abortion

by Beau Langford January, 2018 The bumper stickers are out there: “Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one.” When dialoging with others who don't hold to the pro-life position it’s likely you will have to defend an underlying premise that many people deny as follows: Is...

Don’t Get Defensive; Clarify the Issue

by Beau Langford January, 2018 “Without abortion, many women would die in back alleys from unsafe, botched abortions.” “It’s wrong to force your morality on others by making abortion illegal.” “How many kids are you willing to adopt if you’re so against abortion?” For...

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